Account Ownership Confirmation Service

What is the account ownership confirmation service?

The account ownership service is a sectorial service provided by Iberpay that facilitates the exchange of the information necessary to confirm the ownership of other entites' accounts. Based on real-time technology developed by Iberpay, this service is available online and 24x7, and allows the validation of over 75 million accounts with Spanish IBAN.


Service characteristics




(*) SEPBLAC, from its initials in Spanish, is the "Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offences"

Who can participate in the service?

  • Credit institutions, payment institutions or electronic money institutions account managers
  • Authorized to provide services in Spain and registered in the Banco de España's Register as account managers
  • Established in Spain


How to participate in the service?

  • Direct participant: with direct technical connection to the service to send and/or receive requests for confirmation of accounts ownership, both for its own accounts and of those corresponding to participants they represent.These participants can access the information system to make instant validation resquests, as well as to monitor its request history and obtain statistics.
  • Indirect participant: with no direct technical connection to the service. Indirect participants send and receive requests to confirm the ownership of accounts through a direct participant.


Requirements to connect the service directly

  • Compliance with the functional and technical specifications of the service.
  • Ability to develop web applications that interact with SOAP or REST web services.
  • EDITRAN file transfer software; or Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) for exchanging files.
  • Adherence to Iberpay's Bank Branch information service with a Spanish BIC.
  • Sign the contract of adhesion.


How does the service work?




Access to the service's information system

Users of the service may access the information system, which is available 24x7, through the web:


Access to the system 




Operating rules


Functional and technical specifications



SCTC 02-2021 sobre Nuevos requisitos de adhesión
02 junio 2021 | Iberpay (94.9 KB)

SCTC 01-2021 sobre Nuevos requisitos de adhesión
05 enero 2021 | Iberpay (100.8 KB)


XSD-WSDL of the service

XSD_WSDL del Servicio de Titularidad de cuentas
03 diciembre 2021 | Iberpay (14.71 KB)



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